Text Book

  • Computer Networks A Top-Down Approach. James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross , 6th Edition.
  • Computer Networks: A systems approach. Peterson and Davie, Morgan Kaufman, 5th Edition.


Week Date Covered Topics Comments
1 2/10 Course organization  
2 16/10 Networking Fundamentals: Bandwidth, Digital Versus Analog Bandwidth, Bandwidth Measurement, Bandwidth Limitation, Bandwidth Throughput and Data Transfer calculus Lecture 1,2,3 chapter 2 ppt
3 23/10
Data Network, Network Devices, Network Topology, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Network Interconnection, Peer-to-Peer Network, Client/Server Model Lecture 4,5
4 6/11 and 9/11 Network Media: Introduction, Copper Cable Specification, Coaxial Cables, STP Cable, Stream Control Transmission Protocol (ScTP), UTP Cable, UTP Implementation Lecture 6,7
7 23/11 Fiber-Optic, Single-Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber, Other Optical Components, Wireless Media First Project Design a Network for Engineering College
5 2/11 and 9/11 Networking Models : Using layers to describe data communication, OSI model, OSI layers, The Physical Layer,The Data Link Layer,The Network Layer,The Transport Layer,The Session Layer,The Presentation Layer,The Application Layer Lecture 8,9 Lecture 10
6 7/12 and 14/12 Encapsulation, Peer Layer Communication, TCP/IP Model, Data Movement Through the Protocol Stack  
8 -/- and -/- MAC Address: Address details, Individual Address Block, Printed Format. Test 1 test 1 solution
9 7/3 and 13/3 IP Address: The IP (Internet Protocol) Address, Assignment of IP Address, IP Address Format, IP Address class Identification, Class A, Class B, Class C, Broadcast Address, subnet, Network and subnetworks Masks, more Sub-netting Masks Lecture 10,11
10 21/3 Public and Private IP Addresses, IPv4 Versus IPv6, Obtaining and Internet Address, Static Assignment of an Ip Address, APRP IP Address Assignment, BOOTP IP Address Assignment, DHCP IP Address management chapter 6 chapter 6 ppt
11 28/3 Problems in Address Resolution, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), Routing, Routing information Protocol (RIP), Interior Gateway Routing Protocols(IGRP) , Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)  
12 21/3 Transport Layer: The Purpose of the Transport Layer, Duties (Primary Function) of the Transport Layer, Transport Layer Connection, The OSI Transport layer Protocol, The TCP/IP Transport Layer Protocol, Port addressing chapter 7
13 4/4 Summary, Transport Layer functions , Application and Operation of TCP mechanisms, Managing TCP Sessions, Confirming Receipt of Segments, Flow Control, Managing TCP Sessions, UDP Protocol Third Exam on 30/3
14 11/4 and 18/4 Network Applications: Using The Internet, Understanding the World Wide Web, Recognizing Web Page Elements, Using the Uniform Resource Locater (URL) Identifying Other Elements  
15   presentation Presentation Evaluation
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16   All Quizzes  

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